A little about Chef Rae

I started baking with my grandma when I was really young. She always made our birthday cakes for the grand kids, friends and neighbors. I was 12 years old when I baked my first cake for the Fourth of July, a flag cake. I was SO PROUD of myself for using a piping bag and mixing my own colors.

My passion for food and baking took off from there and I found myself at the Art Institutes International, MN in the Culinary Arts program. I have worked in restaurants and  bakeries since I was 15. During college, I worked in a bakery and found my dream. Anyone who knows me, knows I am the dessert queen. I always look at the dessert menu and ALWAYS order dessert.  I will, one day, have my own bakery/cake shop and bistro restaurant. GOALS!

Family and friends have helped me expand my knowledge and talent of baking cakes and pastries by hiring me for their special occasions. I helped my grandma bake/decorate a cake for a friend when she wasn’t able to squeeze a piping bag with a steady hand. I enjoyed that time with her. I was able to show her a few things I learned in school and from watching YouTube videos.  I am forever grateful for her encouragement and mentor-ship. She handed down to me a few of her cake decorating tools, boards and endless memories. Thank you Grandma Gloria! 

Since then I have been watching many videos, tutorials and dabbling in different decorating methods to increase my knowledge and skills. I am VERY grateful for those who order cakes from me so I can continue to practice and learn this fine art. I extremely enjoy making sculpted cake toppers. I love seeing the end result and thinking, “This is a cake?! You can eat this!” and my very favorite thought, “I DID THIS!”

I hope you enjoy the pictures in the site and one day, allow me to make a centerpiece cake for your event or holiday. Thank you for your support and encouragement!

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