Making a comeback…

I am back at it again! Feels so good to get my hands on some fondant and test out my new tools I’ve bought. I recently purchased a printer for edible images and a cool air pen for piping consistent lines.

I was planning on having my “comeback” cake be my daughter’s  birthday cake but I was approached by a friend to make a couple police appreciation cakes. I was excited to finally show my support to our local departments. I knew the week would be very busy making the police cakes and my daughter’s cake for her birthday. I organized my time well and finished them all! It’s a thrilling feeling.

My friend and her husband, whom is a police officer, met my family at the local departments to deliver the police cakes. The officers were happy with the cakes and grateful. My son finally got a chance to meet a couple police officers, sit in their vehicles, run the sirens and lights and handle some real handcuffs. He was elated. He still wants to visit the station every time we pass. A huge thank you to my friend Brittany and her husband for asking me to make these cakes. I truly appreciate the support.

After the reveal of the police cakes, I was inspired to make some business cards and take this venture to the next step. I have gotten many responses and orders for future cakes. Thank you all for your kind words and taking a chance on my dream.